Forever Combustable

I'm Heaven. Anythinng but average. Too young for fun. My clothes never match, Music is my forte. ARCTIC MONKEYS. I love you Alex Turner. FOALS is the reason I'm alive today. Tyler the Creator is my soul mate. Let us talk music over a cup of coffee, shall we? Grew up tall & grew up right. I may or may not be in a band, but if I were, id be lead singer, but I probably am. I like to shoot things, but only with a camera. roaming the streets is my specialty. Young & only reckless in my dreams. Sometimes it feels good to be a law abiding citizen. Cigarettes are nice.

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The newer episodes of Lazytown just dont do it as good as they used to

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I really like you but you’re an ocean and I’m just a wave

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Your boyfriend eating the pussy:


Me eating the pussy:


Your boyfriend is Amy Poehler?

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